Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My other ride is an RV!

A definite "must-see" event of the summer: the annual "WHITE TRASH BBQ" at Bywater Park. It seems every year the attendance grows exponentially....it could be due to all the white trash "hotties" that show up, or perhaps the fantastic activities that you can participate in: trash bag slip n slide, mashed potato wrestling, or my all time favorite, hot tubbing (a truck bed filled with hose water). Whatever it is that draws such individuals to Bywater Park in August every summer, I'm overjoyed that it happens for this BBQ is definitely on my top 5 "Best Things About Summer" list!

Just a sidenote: One of my friends in charge of the BBQ, Ty Perry of 2News, got his crew to come and get us on Channel 2 this year...i'll let you know when we are going to be on!!!

Just another sidenote: No, I don't get punched, Yes, the tatoos are fake, (25 cent special) and No, i'm not with child.....it's all part of the getup!

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