Friday, November 2, 2007


can't say it enough but i am so glad it is FRIDAY! We have no official plans as of yet, but i'm sure something very exciting will show itself by the time i am off. You have to have a plan nowadays with these frigid temperatures, otherwise you end up loungin the remainder of the night. I can't say that i don't love curlin up on the couch with one of our most amazingly soft blankets, but sometimes you just need to get motivated, get bundled up, and get out! Unfortunately I have not watched this weeks episode of the Office, so getting out has already proven to be more difficult. Karen's back , this is seriously a crucial episode...but it may have to wait.

Last weekend we went to an amazing laser show production at the clark planetarium, featuring the best of pink floyd! An incredibly spectacular event, which i would reccomend to anyone. make sure you sit close to the top and be prepared for a VERY loud presentation. It will be hard to top such an excursion, so any ideas would be fantastic.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

No time=No blog

unfortunately days have been way too crazy to blog...which is truly ironic, for i am able to find time to read up on everyone else's almost every day ....almost. so life is truly hard i've decided. I keep avoiding more and more thank you cards...the stack is endless, or so it seems. 3 months married tomorrow, and still not done with them....pathetic? maybe....but working on it. i write too much per card, at least that's my excuse.
it seems i have no time to do anything else time to read eclipse, no time to formulate a backup costume (primary costume=amazing however) no time to empty boxes...still not unpacked even after 2 months 30 days. pathetic? maybe....but working on it.
no time to visit my dearest grandpa. even though he only lives 10 minutes away...time doesn't allow me to slip away....pathetic? maybe moreso an excuse...but i'll work on it.
no time to write my china-gone sis this week. Emails don't take that long to write, so where did that 5 minutes go? pathetic? maybe a little...will work on it after i'm done blogging.
where does all my time go after work.....maybe i'll find it

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So long to the singles!

never thought this day would come! outta the singles ward forever! i mean, i'll miss the testimony meetings (hardly). I personally think the bishop should limit individuals to 3 testimonies a year….seriously….every month??? Give me a break… can only listen for so long before you start wishing you had that bag packed full of games and puzzles your mom faithfully provided for you every week to play with during sacrament…those were the days…I always looked forward to those fruit snacks and zip locked bags of cereal and cookies (especially if they were E.L. Fudge).

So onto the new ward…I think we are in the Grandview 2nd ward…but I could be mistaken…we’ve only been there a few weeks, due to the honeymoonin and other such amazing vacations, however, from what I have seen so far…this ward is going to be fantastic.

This is what has happened so far…I’ll begin with our organ player. He could honestly be leaving us any day by this point…. and he sticks solely to one of two tempos: unbearably slow, or ridiculously quick…. frequently surprising the congregation with a transition mid verse.

We also had the opportunity to sit next to the oldest member of the congregation on our first meeting as well…and boy did we have an exciting sacrament passing. I passed the water tray to him and the woman next to him clasped the tray while he partook of the water. Reaching his shaking hands toward one of the cups, his thumb and pointer finger took the closest cup while the 3 remaining mud-covered fingers each took a dip into another cup. I felt so terribly, but I almost couldn’t hold back from laughing…especially when I watched matthew’s eager face follow the tray in anticipation to see who would be the unlucky soul to partake of the “soiled” cups…for those whom the regrettable circumstance fell upon, fortunate for them it was blessed holy water.

Lastly we had the occasion to attend a gospel doctrine class taught by our next door neighbor. Little did we know we were in for a real treat. We entered the classroom forewarned that attendance would be slim, and we soon found out why…
Minutes after our arrival to class a larger woman entered the classroom, immediately headed for the air conditioning control box. She didn’t hesitate a second putting that appliance to the extreme test. I believe that I barely survived a serious hypothermia incident…one woman in particular, after withstanding minutes and minutes of teeth chattering and shivering, couldn’t take it anymore and actually left the class (I guess there could have been other reasons as to why she may have left, but I am 99.9% certain it was due to the uninhabitable weather conditions…

Well thus commences our first week with the newlywed and nearly dead…