Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hosta Whisperer

While living in Sugarhouse I got in "garden mode." I traveled to Wasatch Gardens with my mother and dropped probably around 150 bucks on flowers (mostly perennials of course). I knew the moment I passed the hosta section that it would all be over...the hosta is my favorite favorite favorite perennial in the entire world..however....I had an east facing garden....which doesn't exactly fit the "mostly shade" part of the hosta's needs....but it was worth the challenge. 
I babied those 2 plants every single day. I thought at one point I was going nuts but then again I guess that means I'll be a good mom, right? Who needs a baby when you've got a hosta? 
All my work paid off and I had two thriving hosta plants! (Of course not as large due to the stressful conditions they are growing in) For now....
Then came the move. I left the house in Sugarhouse and moved back to Holladay with some friends, leaving my poor hostas at the mercy of a Utah winter. Luckily that is when plants go into what I like to call "hibernation" anyway, so I crossed my fingers that they would return the next year.
I ran over there about a few weeks ago and what a glorious site there was to behold: my two baby hostas are back once again for round 2.  Then came the next challenge: transplanting...
For the next few days I drove back over, borrowed some neighbors water (ours hadn't been turned on yet) and continued babying my baby greens. My mother kept telling me she would buy me new ones but I just couldn't let them go. I fought so hard to keep them alive it just felt wrong to give up now...
The decision was made, transplanting was a go. I headed over in the white truck with my favorite sis Ky and we dug em up, tossed em in buckets and raced home. 
After chopping through annoying aspen roots (I really dislike that blasted tree) and breaking up the soil clots, the spots were ready. I carefully placed them in their new north facing home and crossed my fingers they'd make it through the second round.
After a few rough days, I have conquered the elements and have deemed myself the HOSTA WHISPERER
I'll be holding classes Mondays and Thursdays from 2:15-3.
(the hands are simply for documentation purpose)