Monday, May 4, 2009

Marathon Mayhem

6:15 early start means we need to be at Mile 11 (Cottonwood Elem.) by at least 7:50 just in case my mommy is feeling speedy! Kylee and I roll out of bed, take care of the spoiled and dependent bathtub pups, leashed up Ivy, and ran down to our post!
After lounging in camp chairs for a few minutes, there she was, jogging along Holladay Blvd. towards us in the distance! She still acts surprised and happy to see us even though we are always at the same spot every year! This time however, mother was distressed….she had missed her first orange juice drop (she ditches bottles of orange juice along the route) Luckily Kylee and I were to the rescue! After persuading the very confused Ivy, (she didn’t know whether to continue running with mom or stay with us) we dashed home, mounted the Metropolitan scooters and raced to the gas station to get some OJ!
OJ packed under the seat, and we were off…the goal was to meet her at mile 19 which is supposedly right before Liberty Park. For some reason they don’t even let scooters ride along the route in the opposite lane so we had to park and dash down 5th east. We scouted a bus bench where we decided to stop and wait: 25 minutes later and still no mom…she had miscalculated mileage and we were actually at mile 22…when we realized it was going to be a while we decided to split up: Kylee would continue up-route and I would run back to get one scooter and meet up with her when she spotted mom.
She finally spotted mom in the distance but we both wanted to surprise her so Kylee hid until I got there, then she hopped on and we sped off to intercept momma at the next street. We were a little behind her when we parked so Kylee and I had to sprint a few blocks to catch up…I’m sure we were a spectacle in our huge scooter helmets racing after my mom in flip flops screaming for her to stop….
It turned out to be a very successful adventure and I think Kylee and I definitely should take credit for knocking at least a couple minutes off mom’s time due to the OJ energy burst!
We are all so proud of you MOM! We all love cheering you on! Can’t wait till you get to #100! Maybe that’s when we’ll all run with you!

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