Friday, August 6, 2010

...just had to write today...

i really needed today. I can't even explain how glad i am to have him back. The "he" i speak of is my little brother Pace. We are all so lucky to have such a wonderful guy in our family! Seriously though, I'm sure he blessed so many lives out there in Canada.
It's so fun to pick em up at the airport, although I wish you could go into the actual terminal like the olden days...
It was so weird though, the second i saw him I started crying, and I am most definitely NOT a crier...or is it cryer...anyways, I reacted like I always do when I start crying...I avoid eye contact and concentrate extremely hard on not crying...and it worked, thankfully...which is a good thing cuz crying in situations such as these are strictly reserved for mommies...i'm getting sappier as I age i guess....or maybe all the dumb boys (yes boys, cuz a real men don't make ladies cry) in my life have just broken me down into a emotional weakling....regardless, i don't think anyone noticed :)
As I said before, I needed today...I have the feeling that my Pacey is just the one to help me figure out who i am again and kick my butt back in order....i'm all over the place these days...

You are just one of those amazing people in my life that inspire me to be the best version of myself.
I love you and appreciate you more than you know.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Havasupai '10

I LOVE waterfalls more than anything, so naturally you can only imagine I'd HAVE to go here!
Even though it was destroyed by the flood, the new fall that was formed is by far my favorite! Rock Falls! It is so beautiful! You can walk behind it and even jump right on through! The water is so amazing and clear too! The most gorgeous blue green color I have ever seen! The pictures do not do it justice at all! For some reason it made me think how bad I wanted to go on Splash Mountain...

The hike is not at all my favorite hike i've ever done. Hiking through the canyon is beautiful, but I found that I didn't get to admire it all that much because the ground is so uneven and rocky that you have to watch your feet the entire time! And I'm not a stop go hiker...especially with a crazy heavy backpack...i just wanna get there...just get me in that water!!!! And downhill for 10 hips and knees felt that one for days! I'll hike uphill both ways anyday!

On the hike out I decided that I was going to time how fast I could make it up...My new found hiking buddy, Matt Emery, and I made it up in 2 hours and 40 minutes! The most difficult part of the hike is the last turns into steep switchbacks and by that time you are just ready to be done. Right as we approached Matt ripped these Powerbar fruitsnacks out of his bag. Oh my....DELICIOUS! I found my new triathlon energy treat! So good and I swear they helped both of us book it up those switchbacks!

I couldn't believe how cold the water was....seriously...Jordanelle nothing...this was for sure sub zero.! Maybe not quite sub zero but close...but you couldn't help jumping in because it was so beautiful!

There are stray dogs EVERYWHERE! You'd think I'd love it because I love the pups...but some of these dogs were seriously mangy and gross. Just stick with petting their heads and you're fine. I actually picked up the cutest pup and I was walking around with it and this indian girl just started screaming that I was stealing her puppy...yeah i'm just gonna take off with a pup when they have horses and probably bow and arrows...:) Some other indian braves nearby just started laughing as did I...i gave the pup back, don't probably had fleas anyways.

12 hour bus ride to finish up the adventure...not ideal...however we did a wonderful yoga session after the hike so at least we were relaxed!

Let's talk about the I chose to sit on the very front row on the bus...that way you could watch the scenery and nobody reclined into you. There was also a shelf where you could set your drinks and or face if you wanted to sleep...i would also place stuff on the of gushers, sunglasses, books, etc. I thought I had a good grip on my things the first time but the bus driver took a turn and my box of gushers (and Costco fruit leathers) crashed to the ground: fruit snacks strewn all over the place....Ok so way funny the first time, not so much the second, however, in my defense I had fallen asleep! Good thing we didn't get in an accident...i can only imagine..."Sorry officer, I couldn't brake because there were too many fruit leathers under my pedal." You'd think i would of remembered for the ride home though, but I didn't, and my current book, "Hunger Games," hardback I might add, flew off the shelf and smacked into the shoulder of our bus driver, Ken. I had fallen asleep reading though so in my defense I was a little bit drowsy...I actually didn't even know it was my book at first. I was going to yell 'Front seat rookie!" to my friend Lacey who decided she wanted a taste of front seat luxury on the way home, but am so glad I didn't as soon as I found out it was once again my belongings causing the disturbance.

Well we made it home safe...and not really sore at all...(thanks to the return climb being entirely uphill) I'd definitely go again...but i'd probably copter's only $85 bucks...and not because I'm's solely for the sake of my knees...

until next time....

end transmission

Thursday, May 20, 2010


geez i suddenly got terrible at this...

I just got back from a 5 day Havasupai trip late last night and it was incredible. In a way i'm glad i didn't get to see it pre-flood for I thought it was amazing, however, the people who had seen it before real missed the old navajo falls...I don't know if I'd go back again for a was fun...but I am such a Lake Powell girl...camping is not my cup of tea these days. I don't think it's ever really been my cup of tea really. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE nature...i'll hike, bike, or trail run, any day, all day...but I'd rather just go up and than right back down.

I have my George back for good these days. It had been a really tough situation up to this point but I finally got him back and i couldn't be happier. I love my pup and he really is one of the best dogs I have ever had the opportunity to spend time with.

My sister got married at the tail end of April and I am thrilled! He is a wonderful man who is amazing to both my sister and my family! I look forward to having him around for all the years to come!

I am currently looking for a job...I only work two days a week right now....i can't complain but at the same time I need to be a grownup. So if you hear of anything, let me know!

I miss my brother so much but he'll be home in no time and I couldn't be more excited! We will once and for all be able to all play soccer together again! (Walk, Linc, Pace and I)

I'm trying to figure out how I can just skip dating and just find a husband...Let me know if you have any ideas...Dating is just so scary...

End Transmission