Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sorry guys...I've been crazy busy and haven't had a moment for's a quick recap of what's been goin on...

My roomie is movin out so we either need to fork out some extra cash each month or find a new place so that's added a HUGE stress

I'm working at Happy Sumo at the Gateway and I've never served before but I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

I got bangs!!! I've never had bangs before but so far so good! (Pics will be posted asap)

I'm going to work at Snowbird Mountain Resort again this winter so come up and see me!

I got a brand new super cute Holden snowboard outfit! Talked the shop owner down 100's just a gift I have i guess!

My very very good highschool friend, Tiare, had her baby Caleb a few days ago and I feel like an aunt all over again!

My adorable cousins Nikki and Taylor are pregnant which will make one of my favorite aunts, Kinnie, a first time Grandma!!! Congratulations guys!

I'm not quite ready for summer to be over and yet I am super excited for the snow in the mountains.....sometimes I wish we could just have both, always! Anyways, I believe that's it for now!!! Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hosta Whisperer

While living in Sugarhouse I got in "garden mode." I traveled to Wasatch Gardens with my mother and dropped probably around 150 bucks on flowers (mostly perennials of course). I knew the moment I passed the hosta section that it would all be over...the hosta is my favorite favorite favorite perennial in the entire world..however....I had an east facing garden....which doesn't exactly fit the "mostly shade" part of the hosta's needs....but it was worth the challenge. 
I babied those 2 plants every single day. I thought at one point I was going nuts but then again I guess that means I'll be a good mom, right? Who needs a baby when you've got a hosta? 
All my work paid off and I had two thriving hosta plants! (Of course not as large due to the stressful conditions they are growing in) For now....
Then came the move. I left the house in Sugarhouse and moved back to Holladay with some friends, leaving my poor hostas at the mercy of a Utah winter. Luckily that is when plants go into what I like to call "hibernation" anyway, so I crossed my fingers that they would return the next year.
I ran over there about a few weeks ago and what a glorious site there was to behold: my two baby hostas are back once again for round 2.  Then came the next challenge: transplanting...
For the next few days I drove back over, borrowed some neighbors water (ours hadn't been turned on yet) and continued babying my baby greens. My mother kept telling me she would buy me new ones but I just couldn't let them go. I fought so hard to keep them alive it just felt wrong to give up now...
The decision was made, transplanting was a go. I headed over in the white truck with my favorite sis Ky and we dug em up, tossed em in buckets and raced home. 
After chopping through annoying aspen roots (I really dislike that blasted tree) and breaking up the soil clots, the spots were ready. I carefully placed them in their new north facing home and crossed my fingers they'd make it through the second round.
After a few rough days, I have conquered the elements and have deemed myself the HOSTA WHISPERER
I'll be holding classes Mondays and Thursdays from 2:15-3.
(the hands are simply for documentation purpose)

Friday, May 29, 2009

8 Months gone...already too long

that's all...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bikini Boarding at the Bird

Nothing's better than snowboarding in the morning and then swimming in the afternoon...that must mean spring boarding weather must be here! Thanks to the Bird for remaining open on these warm pre-summer days and thanks to the 801 for having such crazy fantastic weather!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Finally! Some friends and I dressed up and traveled to the Thanksgiving Point big screen to take part in the STAR TREK 2009 Premiere! Yes you could definitely say we are all trekkies, Spock going as far as dying his hair for the role! I love love love premieres, however, they did this one differently, instead of having it at midnight they did it at 7 the night before instead. As much as I love midnight showings I can't complain cuz I do hate staying up that late!
I had the most killer outfit because I have the best mother in the world! I feel like I have my own personal seamstress! Our future costume shop plans are still in the discussion stage.
Sidenote: My amazing light up communicator came straight from a cereal box, Kelloggs special baby!!! Thanks KY!
I can't say it's the most amazing premiere I've ever seen but it is honestly a great movie and I would reccomend it to anyone! You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy it! Can't wait for the next one!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marathon Mayhem

6:15 early start means we need to be at Mile 11 (Cottonwood Elem.) by at least 7:50 just in case my mommy is feeling speedy! Kylee and I roll out of bed, take care of the spoiled and dependent bathtub pups, leashed up Ivy, and ran down to our post!
After lounging in camp chairs for a few minutes, there she was, jogging along Holladay Blvd. towards us in the distance! She still acts surprised and happy to see us even though we are always at the same spot every year! This time however, mother was distressed….she had missed her first orange juice drop (she ditches bottles of orange juice along the route) Luckily Kylee and I were to the rescue! After persuading the very confused Ivy, (she didn’t know whether to continue running with mom or stay with us) we dashed home, mounted the Metropolitan scooters and raced to the gas station to get some OJ!
OJ packed under the seat, and we were off…the goal was to meet her at mile 19 which is supposedly right before Liberty Park. For some reason they don’t even let scooters ride along the route in the opposite lane so we had to park and dash down 5th east. We scouted a bus bench where we decided to stop and wait: 25 minutes later and still no mom…she had miscalculated mileage and we were actually at mile 22…when we realized it was going to be a while we decided to split up: Kylee would continue up-route and I would run back to get one scooter and meet up with her when she spotted mom.
She finally spotted mom in the distance but we both wanted to surprise her so Kylee hid until I got there, then she hopped on and we sped off to intercept momma at the next street. We were a little behind her when we parked so Kylee and I had to sprint a few blocks to catch up…I’m sure we were a spectacle in our huge scooter helmets racing after my mom in flip flops screaming for her to stop….
It turned out to be a very successful adventure and I think Kylee and I definitely should take credit for knocking at least a couple minutes off mom’s time due to the OJ energy burst!
We are all so proud of you MOM! We all love cheering you on! Can’t wait till you get to #100! Maybe that’s when we’ll all run with you!