Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Never assume that you are safe...

...from a family photo opp. We thought we were heading out to Jordanelle Reservoir for a fantastic wave-runner escapade.....we thought. We arrived, finished unloading the jeep, observed inquisitively as the inflatable canoe was hoisted by mom and papa ford onto the top of the jeep, and thats when the props came out. Enough lifeguard shirts to clothe a small army, lifeguard wife beaters (couldn't wait to see who was to wear those) a red/white striped lifeguard towel, a plush lifesaving ring, and don't forget the lifeguard fanny pack, yep, one fabulous red lifeguard fanny pack. I knew this was going to be exciting!
How mom slipped those props into the car without pace, lincoln, or kylee noticing is the next question.
Ford family photos always turn into an exciting adventure; never a dull moment.
Two years or so ago we took a family picture on the beach with snorkel gear; and might i add, swimsuits of course. My mother individually decided that this picture was going to be our Christmas card that year. Upon arrival at my parents house I noticed my mom packing the Christmas cards and I quickly snatched one up and discovered the surprising photo within. I can't say I would of ever chose that photo myself, but I'm sure all our friends, family, and neighbors got a kick out of that one. Some of us may think twice before participating in a family swimsuit shot in the future.......but hey, you gotta love the humor in it, right? At least our family isn't boring.

The Jordanelle photo experience completely topped all my expectations! The family positioning revolved around the spare wheel cover.(which had just been painted by mother with a beautiful Laguna Beach sketch) It sounded easy, but turned out to be far from....and of course a Ford family photo experience wouldn't be complete without a famous Lincoln tantrum. I don't know what to blame the majority of the frustration on; Lincoln's wailing, dear kylee's lack of positioning correctly, or the lack of cooperativeness coming from the spare wheel.
(George dog outperformed Lincoln competely, as well as most the rest of us)
And yes, daddy looked fabulous of course in his lifeguard wife-beater.
In the end I know we'll all look back and be thankful for such fantastic memories! (especially Linc)

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kj said...

Love the story line but where's the pic? I wanna a pic!