Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sorry guys...I've been crazy busy and haven't had a moment for's a quick recap of what's been goin on...

My roomie is movin out so we either need to fork out some extra cash each month or find a new place so that's added a HUGE stress

I'm working at Happy Sumo at the Gateway and I've never served before but I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

I got bangs!!! I've never had bangs before but so far so good! (Pics will be posted asap)

I'm going to work at Snowbird Mountain Resort again this winter so come up and see me!

I got a brand new super cute Holden snowboard outfit! Talked the shop owner down 100's just a gift I have i guess!

My very very good highschool friend, Tiare, had her baby Caleb a few days ago and I feel like an aunt all over again!

My adorable cousins Nikki and Taylor are pregnant which will make one of my favorite aunts, Kinnie, a first time Grandma!!! Congratulations guys!

I'm not quite ready for summer to be over and yet I am super excited for the snow in the mountains.....sometimes I wish we could just have both, always! Anyways, I believe that's it for now!!! Talk to you soon!


Michemily said...

I'm so glad things are going well, if stressful. :)

Kyle said...

So i saw the link to your blog on yer facebook page, and just had to check out what Kon had to say outside of the facebook world. And the first song that came on was "Say" by John Mayer. In flight attendant training, we just had a massive special guest speaker (okay, the guest speaker wasn't massive, but his discourse was) and his whole point of his story was based on "Say what you need to say". Coincidence? Yes. ha ha So I just wanted to "Say" that I love your blog! :) ha ha