Friday, November 2, 2007


can't say it enough but i am so glad it is FRIDAY! We have no official plans as of yet, but i'm sure something very exciting will show itself by the time i am off. You have to have a plan nowadays with these frigid temperatures, otherwise you end up loungin the remainder of the night. I can't say that i don't love curlin up on the couch with one of our most amazingly soft blankets, but sometimes you just need to get motivated, get bundled up, and get out! Unfortunately I have not watched this weeks episode of the Office, so getting out has already proven to be more difficult. Karen's back , this is seriously a crucial episode...but it may have to wait.

Last weekend we went to an amazing laser show production at the clark planetarium, featuring the best of pink floyd! An incredibly spectacular event, which i would reccomend to anyone. make sure you sit close to the top and be prepared for a VERY loud presentation. It will be hard to top such an excursion, so any ideas would be fantastic.

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