Thursday, January 3, 2008

08...not only my favorite number, but a great year to come!

I really need to figure out how to put pictures on this blog thing....

so it's 2008....that truly is so strange to seems not very long ago I was riding the shuttles to an Olympic awards ceremony. where did those 6 years scamper off too.....

So we finally took our Christmas tree down today, which was quite the endeavor. Apparently the temperature in our house is not saavy to pine trees, so he got angry and dried up. It was kind of sad by the end actually.

We had a fantastic first married Christmas! My christmas turned into a North Face Christmas, but i'm definitely not complaining. Matthew got Guitar Hero from Pace, which was definitely the highlight gift of the year! We aren't professional yet (well, Lincoln is) but we're getting there! we finally beat the medium career last night!! (and if you are not familiar with the game, that is pretty good for beginners)

I was hoping that we could get a puppy for christmas, but I did have to finally agree with my matthew. It truly would be torture to the puppy to be alone all day when we were both at work....he says I can get one when I quit. Now that's incentive.

For New Years my matthew and I had quite an adventure. We planned to be with our cousins Taylor, Nikki, and her sister Amy. However, their ideas of what we would be doing were clearly going to be very different indeed.

What was suppossed to be a quick yoga class, was instead a strange interpretive, flowing, tribal dance class. No instruction was necessarily given either, you simply had to be "creative." We were encouraged to find and explore our "inner fire." I never thought I'd ever get to see matthew or taylor move in such a way. I have to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly. If only I had a video camera. At the end the instructor made us sit in a meditation circle, touching both people on either side of us. (matthew refused to touch the "unique" man to his left). I won't tell. Then she had us make some "AAAAAHM" sound for what seemed like 30 minutes, all the way through even the new years new years kisses here :(

It all started with taylor "AAAAAHM"ing in different pitches, continued with Matthew "mooing" in place of "aaaaahm"ing, and ended with an instructor one inch from my face threatening me to be silent or I must leave the class. I'm sorry, but i couldn't help myself...and taylor and nikki were laughing too, i just got apprehended. i was probably a little more disruptive because i was sneezing as well. Regardless, I guess there's no better way to ring in the new year then with some tribal dancing...

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