Saturday, October 20, 2007

No time=No blog

unfortunately days have been way too crazy to blog...which is truly ironic, for i am able to find time to read up on everyone else's almost every day ....almost. so life is truly hard i've decided. I keep avoiding more and more thank you cards...the stack is endless, or so it seems. 3 months married tomorrow, and still not done with them....pathetic? maybe....but working on it. i write too much per card, at least that's my excuse.
it seems i have no time to do anything else time to read eclipse, no time to formulate a backup costume (primary costume=amazing however) no time to empty boxes...still not unpacked even after 2 months 30 days. pathetic? maybe....but working on it.
no time to visit my dearest grandpa. even though he only lives 10 minutes away...time doesn't allow me to slip away....pathetic? maybe moreso an excuse...but i'll work on it.
no time to write my china-gone sis this week. Emails don't take that long to write, so where did that 5 minutes go? pathetic? maybe a little...will work on it after i'm done blogging.
where does all my time go after work.....maybe i'll find it

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